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This is a top web proxy list site, you'll always have a wide variety of proxies to choose from so you can surf safely and anonymously as well as unblock websites at work or school. Tell your friends about us too, use the Share button or follow us on Twitter. The proxy list is updated regularly as well so check back often. See Top Proxies for the best and New Proxies for the latest. Please note that we do check all proxies are working on a regular basis but there may be times when they're down because of hosting or server problems. Some proxies also filter traffic by country and/or IP address too, this is beyond our control. Just pick another from the list, you'll find plenty that work.


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Quick FAQ:
Question: "What are these proxy web sites and what are they for? How do they work?"
Answer: Every time you go to a website your IP address (unique to you and your service provider) is tracked and recorded, you'll get a "cookie" too usually. These are used to identify you and track which websites you've visited. Every webpage is logged and this can compromise your security sometimes and always leaves traces of your surfing habits on your computer that anyone can find. By using a web proxy all your surfing is behind a virtual 'wall', hiding your true whereabouts and protecting your identity. The sites you go to only see the proxy, not you. An added bonus is that you can usually bypass the filters and blockers at work as well (and school/college/university) so you can surf your favorite sites there too. There's nothing to install either so they can be used safely on any computer from anywhere in the world and for free, supported by advertising, like us :)

When you use a proxy there'll be a box, like a search box, that you type (or copy 'n paste) your website address (url) into and click 'Go' (or 'Browse' or 'Surf' etc.) then you can surf in safety, try it! Some sites won't work as well, some not at all, but most will be alright and you'll be safer too.

Cautionary note: Please don't try and log on to your internet banking sites thru' a proxy, or even eBay and PayPal. These sites need to know that it's the real you, they might think you've been phished and re-set all your passwords if they think there's been some criminal activity. They may even stop you from logging in again too. The same applies to loans and insurance, or anything else of a personal or financial nature as well. Tracking does have it's uses sometimes, stay safe online.

Please visit the proxy user F.A.Q's page for more information on web proxies and their uses.

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