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These are all the CGIProxy proxies listed here. If you want another category then select from the options on the left. Some proxy users prefer one type over another, our category selection allows the users to choose which proxy type they wish to use. Listed by newest first.

 CGIProxy Proxy url Speed Country Hits Age
speedbar 265 4 years
speedbar 353 5 years
speedbar 405 6 years
speedbar 421 7 years
speedbar 5075 7 years
speedbar 410 7 years
speedbar 390 7 years
speedbar 428 7 years
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Quick FAQ:
Question: "What's the difference between the different proxy types? Are some better than others?"
Answer: Some proxy scripts handle certain types of websites better than others, for example Glype proxies can have plugins installed so some websites display properly, like YouTube and Facebook for instance, although not all webmasters do install them. PHProxy scripts are easier to install but aren't supported or developed anymore. You'll have to try different types for yourself to see what suits you best. Glype and PHProxy are the two main types of php powered proxies but there are others including Zelune, Surrogafier and Suffix as well as the CGI (perl powered) proxies.